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9 Dec

“Why was I spared and allowed to come back to life as it’s near fullest…yet so many others have not been spared? (I am thinking of young people in car/motorcycle crashes, people fighting cancer…wonderful people?”

hey mary! i hope my answer will suffice. im still a noob.

knowing the person i am i wanted to get all angles on this topic. the basic question is, why the fuck do innocent ppl die and why are others spared. i guess the easy answer would be…our physical selves will at some point…expire. we all die. whether we are innocent or not.

for me that’s just too easy. yeah? i will research this as i type and see how this works out! rofl.

first: i googled “why do innocent people die?”

what i thought was interesting is that people google “why do innocent people suffer” more. anyways. i googled the above and here are my findings:

a little bit much for me. the question that was posed on his site was “why must innocent children die at the hand of bad people” he skirts the question and defends God for the whole article and blames death of innocent ppl to sin. furthermore, we are all sinners – even children. so…we all gon die.

i actually like this!. this person’s viewpoint is a religious one as well. however, i like how they explained it even though it doesn’t necessarily coincide with my personal religious beliefs. For what ever reason we die in the physical sense…if you trust in God, your spirit life still lives on and from there has a few options. heaven, hell, or rebirth with a chance of knowing God in ur next life. this explanation covers good people, bad, innocent and people that dont believe in God. nifty. All bases covered.

im noticing a trend in the google search as i read through links…questions about innocent ppl dying are mostly related to God or..War. It’s all like, “why did people have to die in iraq” or “why does God let people die”

so…people die in war…because its effing war man. a battle with fear thats just escalated over the centuries. im kinda afraid of space travel because then we’ll really be learning how to kill ppl by the masses. that shit aint god letting ppl die. God…doesnt let people die (if you believe in god or gods or watev). People just die. all things die. and are reborn in some funky way.

i’d say that forests, land, and etc is death of the innocent as well. they aren’t conscious so they can’t be guilty.

if u can believe that 1) we are all made up of the same stuff that makes up the universe (or universes!!) and 2) the 1st law of thermodynamics which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.

I’m thinkin we are all energy and upon death we change forms. Death is a part of nature. The living deal with the loss. I think this consiousness makes us pretty special. We really are concerned for the dead…the good and the bad ones. I think they are still around…somewhere.

Mary, as for why you lived. People can say: well it wasn’t ur time, god had a different plan, u had the will to live, ur just gangsta like that, ppl on earth needed u, ur spirit wasn’t done yet and good thing ur physical form was tough enough to withstand such trauma, etc etc…or all of the above and then some.

Id be just be happy that I lived! Hi5 up high!

Srsly tho…I know ur daughters needed u. that might be like 50% of the reason ur around. Haha a pie chart just popped in my head.

Sorry I had to cut this short. My pc was on the fritz…I lost some stuff and had to retype on my fone. Fail. Until next question!

Oh yeh! I’m excited to see what h! Says!

– mark


ADDENDA: Another response from the Treehouse co-author

I would also like to offer the Raccoon Story from Calvin and Hobbes in lieu of a formal answer to this question on the innocent dying.  It will be a more articulate and all-encompassing response than I will ever have the capacity to write.  (©Universal Press Syndicate. Original work by Bill Watterson.)

Yours truly,



We are back?! Part deux

7 Dec


Hi! I’m mark! Testing out the blog via mobile. Hanalei has given me the honor of co-editing on the treehouse. I’m pretty enthused about this and I hope to do the site some justice! I’ve been feeling unconfident about my writing and its cool to see someone trust me in that way. Thanks Hana! Anywho!

We’re back (well I’m added now lol) hopefully q’s come thru!

any questions?



Ps: pls check out the about section of the blog to see what this place is all about! Thanks everyone!

We are back!

20 Sep

…and it feels good!  Let’s get them questions in, people! ❤

Can’t wait, can’t wait!


20 Sep

someone stole the name of this website!  inneresting, no?  she probably knew some of my friends from the time I lived in Philly.

Kristen Sylvester – “Think Outloud” (TWBS003)
01. Think Outloud
02. Past Life Reverie
03. Man On the Bridge
04. The Desert
05. Progress
06. Outsider
07. Treehouse For the Emotionally Homeless
08. Visions
09. Talkin’ John Howard’s Love of George Bush Blues
10. Next To Me Never Be
11. Nostalgia


20 Sep

My old homepage wen down for a very long time.  By the time it returned, my OG page got pwn3d! 😦

Here’s my attempt to recreate…but i feel like i’m missing a couple of entries.  Man.  Bites.

Bear with me as I rebuild the glory of a former pastime.

Sometimes when I think of love, I think of Brandy songs from 1994.

1 Aug

How do you break up with someone?

i say, “hey…we had a good run, though. right?”
i’m a pretty nice and simple gal.

oh, Bobby B!

20 Jul

“When is New Edition getting back together?”
Unfortunately, your guess is as good as mine. But when they do, I am certain that babies will be made that night. (All through the night, mind you.) In the meantime, you can petition for their VH1 “Behind the Music” Special here:

Yeah. It’s that serious.